NIghtstand Makeover

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How many of you have ugly dark nightstands laying around that could use an update? One of my clients had 2 of these that she wanted me to transform for her master bedroom.


She went ahead and gave me one of her pillow cases and we toyed around with different color options.  Because she had a teal colored accent wall we decided to keep them neutral and went with a creamy white, Vanilla Frosting by Country Chic Paint (middle sample).

Since the nighstands were very dark and shiny I did a little extra in my prep.  I sanded the pieces with 180 and then 220 grit sandpaper and then cleaned well.  I also used oil based white primer to make sure there was no bleed through.  Even with those steps I still experienced a little bleed through after painting and had to go back and repeat the primer and paint again.  I expect this with these dark pieces.  After painting I went ahead and sealed with polyeurethane. I also filled hardware holes and updated to some fun new knobs.  


Can you believe the difference a lighter paint color and some updated hardware made on these pieces?

China Cabinet Makeover

Monday, October 24, 2016

Today I want to show you how you can give your furniture pieces some dimension and interest using glazing!  One of my clients dropped off this dated china cabinet for me and pretty much gave me free reign to do what I wanted.


Since I wasn't using chalk paint the cabinet required a lot of prep work and reminded me how much I loathe regular paint!  I sanded, cleaned and primed my heart out before painting the cabinet in a navy color.

Once the paint was completely dry I went ahead and sealed the whole piece with Polyeurethane.  I left it for a day to firm up and then I went back over the finished piece with Country Chic Graphite Glaze. I painted the glaze all over going in the direction of the wood grain.  Using a lint free rag I followed right back over the glaze and wiped off the extra.  Make sure you go in smaller sections and keep a damp rag near you for fixing areas that might be too concentrated. 

After I was finished with the glaze I made sure to let it dry for a good 24 hours and then I went ahead and sealed with one more coat of polyeurethane.  I love how glaze adds so much interest to an otherwise flat paint job!

Texture, texture, texture!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I can't tell you how excited I am about this project I'm about to share with you!  I work on furniture transformations all day every day but even I was suprised by this transformation!  When I was garage saling with my mother earlier this summer I walked right by this bench/pew.  I saw it of course but I just didn't see it's potential.  It's newer construction and not the aged church pew I would be drawn to. After my mom nudged me on it I asked the seller how much she wanted for it and for $10 it was mine. I knew I was going to keep it for my dining room instead of selling it and so it sat in my garage for a few months until I could get around to working on one of my own personal projects.


For prep on this piece I sanded really well as I needed to remove the raised heart stencil and be sure it didn't appear through any of the paint I was going to apply.  Once I sanded it down I applied a coat of Country Chic Paint limited edition Fall color Luna as my base coat.  I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted a lot of colors and texture to bring out a VERY worn/aged look.

After the Luna was dry I put on another layer of paint.  This time I used a custom color mix that Country Chic mixed for me using a Sherwin Williams color chip in Tiki Hut.  It's a rich brown color and I knew I wanted this to be one of the colors you see when I distressed.  While painting this color I actually used sanding dust and scrapings you see in the below picture and threw it into my paint. So weird you are probably thinking, right?!  Texture and age was what I was going for and so imperfections were welcome!

After the Tiki Hut was dry I mixed up some texture powder.  This is a brand new product by Country Chic and I can't tell you how excited I was to experiment with it!  It's very easy to use- you simply mix a 1:1 ratio of powder into your paint until it's a peanut butter like consistency.  I used Cheesecake for my color and then dabbed it all over the church pew to create peaks of texture.  After awhile I went back and flattened out a bit of the peaks.

The following day I went ahead and painted my top coat color Sunday Tea, another limited color release from Country Chic and then distressed the heck out of the entire piece to bring out all of the layers of paint and texture.  I love how you can see in the below picture how the texture powder and paint layers brings so much interest into this completely otherwise boring pew.

Once I had the sanding finished and the look I was going for I sealed the entire piece with Natural Wax for a super smooth, sleek finish.  What do you think about this transformation?  I am so excited to keep this piece and can't wait to do more experimenting with the texture powder!

Dresser Transformation using Hollow Hill

It's always a highlight of my year when Country Chic Paint releases their new limited edition colors! This release was no exception.  I was so excited to open up my package and see these gorgeous colors in person!

This dresser has been sitting in my garage for awhile and I knew once I saw the new color Hollow Hill that they would be a match made in paint heaven!  


I did no prep on this dresser besides cleaning off the dust!  Once that was finished I went ahead and applied a coat of Hollow Hill paint.  I knew I wanted this to be a darker green and so I used Country Chic Graphite glaze over the entire piece.  Normally you would want to wait a good 24-48 hours before applying glaze just to make sure the paint it completely dry.  With this particular dresser I knew I wanted a very rustic, chippy style so I didn't wait more than a few hours before applying the glaze.

I wiped every part of the dresser with the Graphite glaze making extra sure to push it into the detailing areas.  I wiped off the excess right away with a damp cloth and this also naturally did a wet distressing technique which I was going for.

After letting this sit overnight I went ahead and applied a coat of Touch Coat in order to seal in the paint and then used my favorite Country Chic mercury glass knobs from their new hardware line!  I am loving the final result- it makes me crave all things Fall!

Bar Cart Makeover

Good Morning!  I want to show you a super simple makeover today using Country Chic Liquorice Paint, Beeswax bar and Pocket Watch Metallic Cream.

This buffet was in great shape structurally but my client wanted it to be updated to match her new dining room.


We chose to keep it simple and paint with Liquorice for the perfect black.  Before painting I made sure I cleaned the piece well and then gave it a very light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper.  I then used my beeswax bar and went over the details that I wanted to distress easily after painting.  If you haven't used this Country Chic product I highly recommend you do!  I'm a huge fan of anything that makes my job easier!

Once I had the beesway bar where I wanted it I went ahead and painted one coat of Liquorice.  After the paint was completely dry I lightly distressed the areas I wanted to show natural wear and then sealed with a top coat.


One of the bottom hardware pieces was broken so I found 2 similar handles in my stash  The only problem though was that all of the pieces were different golds.  In order to get a uniform look I went ahead and primed all of the hardware and then hand painted each piece with the Pocket Watch Metallic Cream.  I love the way it stands out against the black!

Dipped Rose Gold Dresser

You have probably all seen a dresser like the style below!  It's a typical particle board and laminate french provencal dresser. I have done many different ones over the past few years and I have found that chalk paint is the perfect solution for this style to ensure great adhesion.


My client picked up the dresser at a flea market for her daughter's room and asked me to paint it a deep grey with rose gold metallic detailing.  In order to prep the dresser and make sure I didn't have a headache on my hands I did decide to sand well and spray a coat of primer onto the laminate.  Once that was all set and dry I used Country Chic Paint Rocky Mountain for the base color.  It's my current favorite grey in the Country Chic lineup!  A beautiful deep charcoal grey totally transformed the dresser!

After the base was dry I went ahead and painted a special ordered rose gold metallic to create a dipped effect,  I also primed and painted all of the hardware in the same metallic.

For sealer I sprayed 2 layers of Tough Coat and lightly sanded in between each coat.  Can you believe the difference some paint can make?!

Rocky Mountain Desk Transformation

This desk has to be one of my favorite before and afters in a long time. It was one of those projects that went relatively smoothly and made for a huge dramatic difference by simply adding some paint!


I knew from previous experience that the water rings had a high chance of bleeding through the finished paint. Because of this I took extra steps in my prep to avoid that headache. After sanding down the entire desk lightly with 220 grit sandpaper I applied 3 light coats of shellac to the entire piece.

For color, my client wanted a grey color.  I had recently finished a side table in Country Chic Paint Cobblestone for this family and so I talked them into a darker color- my new favorite, Rocky Mountain.  It's the most beautiful charcoal grey with just a hint of blue.  I am totally in love with it!


I just love the finished product, don't you?  After painting and lightly distressing I sealed the desk with Tough Coat for added protection.

Quite the dramatic before and after, isn't it?